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Because a Healthier Mouth leads to a Healthier Life!

Welcome to the office of Dr. Bruce Crawford!

Dr. Bruce Crawford is a dental implant specialist who has limited his practice to implantology and periodontic work. His surgical expertise has led him to focus not only on the diseases of the gums, but complete tooth replacement and implant dentistry. As dentistry has changed, so has he-- as more and more patients have become aware of the benefits of a healthy smile, Dr. Crawford has added and developed surgical procedures to assist them in their needs.

Dr. Bruce Crawford, DMD

"Hope for our Patients"

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A video message from Dr. Crawford

Hello, I'm Dr. Bruce Crawford. My periodontal office is dedicated to bringing "Hope" back into your life. No matter how bad the condition of your mouth, we will help you get back to a healthy mouth and worry-free life.

Periodontal disease is the Silent Killer of the dental world. Often painless, gum disease has been linked to health problems such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. Fortunately, there is Hope for Our Patients... Even if You Have Serious Problems with Your Gums and Teeth, You Can Have a Healthy Mouth Again.